Meet Lily

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order clomid cheap When I was 7 years old, I fell down and badly scraped my knee. Once it healed my skin on my knee was white. Later we went to the dermatologist and found out I had vitiligo. My parents had me use creams to try and make it disappear but none of them helped.

buy Lyrica online australia Later when I went into middle school at the age of 12, some people would make fun of my spots and would act like it was contagious ever after I told them it wasn’t. So I created an Instagram account with the name in secret. People come to me talking about what they have been through with vitiligo and ask me to post their pictures. It has been almost four years now and I have 18.3k followers and that number continues to grow. I stopped keeping my account secret among friends and family and am now proud my vitiligo and the safe community that I have created.