corruptly „Globally, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is created each year, and the equivalent to a rubbish truck full of clothes ends up on landfill sites every second.”

The pieces of this collection were made from scraps, leftovers, and textiles left in a wooden box for more than 30 years  – waste.

May you find as much joy and beauty wearing them as we did when making them. 

The fleeting beauty of nature

Photo by Sigita Silina
Photo by Sigita Silina

Here it is. Surrounds us.

Its colours are reflected in the sun’s rays and we breath it’s gifts in gladly.

The air. The scents.

Often, we don’t feel it anymore.

There is a strange bitterness mixed with the sweet scent of the flowers.

We look at it, but we don’t see it. Living in concrete blocks, the decay seems so far away.

And yet, if we are not careful, everything becomes the pillages of the past.

The greens, the blues, the yellows and the reds.

If we are not careful the sky will become black.

And then will be no use of wearing masks.

What has once provided so much, now has become our enemy.

Still, we cannot live without it.

Here it is: nature. It surrounds and warns us:  Save me!

For what today is a rose, is tomorrow’s promise. 

Photo by Sigita Silina
Photo by Sigita Silina
Photo by Sigita Silina

Having immense amounts of information passing us day by day and by living in huge cities, we tend to forget our connection with nature. We forget that the oxygen we breathe is produced by trees and that without them there is no life on Earth. Deforestation, the destruction of nature and wildlife, global warming are issues caused by mankind and needs to be acted upon immediately.

The series of paintings: ‘The fleeting beauty of nature’ is about how a once perfect landscape has turned into something misshapen and how it is in danger now. Using vintage denim jackets we represent how to re-use and re-think an old model, while the paintings on the jackets are calling for immediate action to re-connect with nature again. 

Fanni Kopacsi

Photo by Sigita Silina
Photo by Sigita Silina