new collection made from leftovers, scraps and used textiles


Gege custom made T-shirt

Meet Gege

Since I was an age of reason, I have always felt different. I didn’t know why but I always felt out of place even with my friends. It was around…

Meet Buba

Let me offer a bit more context here. I’ve had vitiligo, a skin condition that affects 1% of the world’s population, since 2009. In case anyone reading this is unfamiliar…
Lana custom made T-shirt

Meet Lana

“Let yourself be living poetry” /Rumi/ As I write this, I am watching a bird fly amongst the clouds forming a circular dance in the air. It is alternately gliding…
Daniel custom made T-shirt

Meet Daniel

Hi I’m Dan also known as Glitterhawk! A drag queen and the Mother of haus DirtyFilthySexy and I have a message for you that I feel very strongly about. Know…